Dermaga Resources Sdn Bhd

Company profile:
We are taking pleasure in introducing ourselves as Dermaga Resources SDN BHD an import and export company located in Malaysia. Ours is a group of company with diversified operations such as Trading, Tourism, Information Technology, Construction, Project Undertaking etc. We export and trade in all types of heavy equipments, consumable items, used automobiles and cars, machinery, sandal wood items, plastic products, cosmetics and health care, industrial machines,herbal products, stationaries,rice, wheat, cement, construction materials, pharmaceuticals, medical equipments, surgical equipments, lab equipments, automobiles, bicycles, etc. We have our company Dermaga Global Trade Company Ltd based in Omdurman Sudan and is looking after our marketing activities for Sudan and other countries in africa.


Company type(s):
Developer, Distributor, Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer, Trader

Products / Services:
Agriculture Supplies: Agriculture Supplies, Cultivators
Animal Feed: Alfalfa Silage, Animal Feed, Cattle Feed, Copras, Corn Silages, Fruit Waste, Goat Feed, Grass-Legume Mix Silage, Horse Feed, Milk Replacers, etc
Baby Products: Baby Food
Cars: Cars
Computer Hardware: Blu-Ray Drives, CD-ROM Drives, Computer Cables, Computer Case Coolers, Computer Cases, Computer Game Controllers, Computer Hardware, Computer Headsets, Computer Keyboards, Computer Microphones, etc
Software: Food Software, Fruit Software, Machine Software, Office Software, Telecommunications Software
Construction Services: Architecture Services
Consumer Electronics: Audio Players, Bluetooth Adaptor, Bluetooth Car Kit, Bluetooth Dongle, Bluetooth Earphones, Bluetooth Headphones, Bluetooth Headset, Bluetooth Mirror, Coaxial Cables, Computer Hardware, etc
Dairy Products: Anhydrous Milk Fats, Buttermilk, Butteroils, Cheese, Clotted Cream, Condensed Milk, Cream Substitutes, Ice Cream, Margarines, Milk, etc
Electrical Products: Button Stations, Capacitors, Circuit Breakers, Coaxial Cables, Disconnectors, Distribution Boards, Electric Controllers, Electric Measuring Equipment, Electric Motors, Electric Switchboards, etc
Electronics: Acoustic Components, Analog Circuits, Connectors, Digital Circuits, LCD Modules, LED Displays, Mixed Circuits, Printed Circuit Boards, Resistors
Batteries: Batteries, Industrial Battery Chargers
Eyewear: Boys Eyeglasses, Contact Lenses, Eyeglass Cases, Eyeglass Frames, Sunglass Cleaners, Sunglass Cleaning Cloths, Sunglass Cleaning Kits
Feed Additives: Antioxidants, Aromas, Concentrates, Growth Promoters, Immune Stimulants, Mineral Lick Blocks, Mould Inhibitors, Nutricional Liquid Additives, Nutricional Water Soluble Additives, Pellet Binders, etc
Food Additives: Food Additives
Food: Anhydrous Milk Fats, Baby Food, Barley, Buckwheat, Buckwheat Flour, Buttermilk, Butteroils, Canned Pepper, Canned Tomatoes, Cheese, etc
Fragrances: Fragrance Extracts, Home Air Fresheners, Home Fragrances, Mens After Shaves, Mens Body Lotions, Mens Deodorants, Mens Eau de Colognes, Mens Eau de Toilettes, Mens Fragrance Sets, Mens Fragrances, etc
Fruits: Canned Tomatoes, Fresh Apples, Fresh Bananas, Fresh Carambolas, Fresh Grapefruits, Fresh Grapes, Fresh Kiwis, Fresh Lemons, Fresh Mangoes, Fresh Nectarines, etc
Garden Products: Forks, Garden Cultivators, Hedge Trimmers, Hoes, Hori horis
Grains: Barley, Buckwheat, Buckwheat Flour, Corn, Corn Flour, Corn Groats, Corn Hulls, Corn Starches, Oat Flour, Oats, etc
Hardware: Hardware
Horticulture Supplies: Horticulture Supplies
Inks: Inks
Lighting: Office Lighting
Logistic Products: Food Storage Products
Machines: Food Vending Machines, Printing Machines
Marketing: Marketing
Medicines: Abatacept Capsules, Abiraterone Capsules, Acarbose Capsules, Acebutolol Capsules, Aceclofenac Capsules, Acemetacin Capsules, Acetazolamide Capsules, Acetylsalicylic Capsules, Aciclovir Capsules, Acipimox Capsules, etc
Office Supplies: All-in-One Computers, Binding Machines, Business Cases, Business Gifts, Calling Systems, Conference Systems, Continuous Ink Supply Systems, Fax Machines, Guillotines, Ink Cartridges, etc
Paints: Anti-Graffiti Paints, Enamel Paints, Fingerpaints, Glazes, Lacquers, No-VOC Paints, Paints, Primers, Roof Coatings, Shellacs, etc
Personal Care Products: Bath Soap, Bath Sponges, Blemishes Treatments, Dental Floss, Foot Care Products, Fragrance Extracts, Hair Coloring, Hair Conditioner, Hair Electric Equipment, Hair Electric Tools, etc
Pharmaceutical Products: Acitretin Capsules, Agalsidase Alfa Capsules, Alemtuzumab Capsules, APIs - C, Vaccines, Verteporfin, Vitamin E
Plants: Vegetable Plants
Telecommunication Products: Corded Telephones, Cordless Telephones, Mobile Phone Adapters, Mobile Phone Antenna, Mobile Phone Bags, Mobile Phone Jammers, Mobile Phone Keypads, Mobile Phone LCDs, Mobile Phone SIM Cards, Mobile Phone Stickers, etc
Tools: Adzes, Axes, Diamond Blades, Diamond Tools, Drill Bits, Forks, Froes, Hedge Trimmers, Hoes, Hori horis, etc
Vegetables: Canned Pepper, Canned Tomatoes, Fresh Tomatoes, Tomatoes
Consulting: Computer Hardware Consulting, Consumer Electronics Consulting, Fertilizer Consulting, Food Consulting, Fragrance Consulting, Machine Consulting, Office Supplies Consulting, Tableware Consulting, Telecommunications Consulting
Research: Research
Processing Equipment: Animal Feed Processing Equipment, Chemical Processing Equipment, Food Processing Equipment
Packaging Services: Chemical Packaging Services
Car Supplies: Car Air Fresheners, Car Antenna, Car Electronics, Car Fragrances, Car Perfumes
Fertilizers: Active Ingredients for Fertilizers
Art Supplies: Art Supplies, Photo Camera Accessories, Photo Cameras
Engines: Electric Motors, Engines
Beverages: Beverages, Buttermilk, Condensed Milk, Milk
Boat Supplies: Boat Supplies, Lacquers, Varnishes


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